People often ask me to recommend Chinese fantasy novels or movies. Here is my list of recommendations. These are Amazon affiliate links, so if you make a purchase after clicking them, you will be supporting my work. Thanks so much for that!

Chinese Fantasy Novel Translations
The Deer and the Cauldron

a Classic wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha)

The Book & the Sword

a Classic wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha)

The Eleventh Son

a Classic wuxia novel by Gu Long

Coiling Dragon

a xuanhuan fantasy novel by I Eat Tomatoes

Original Chinese-style Fantasy Novels

An original xianxia-style cultivation novel by Will Wight

Clear Sky

World of Beasts, an original xianxia-style cultivation novel by Tinalynge

World of Beasts

An original xianxia-style cultivation novel by Patrick G. Laplante

Traditional Fantasy Novels
The Eye of the World, Book 1

Book 1 of the Wheel of Time series, epic fantasy by Robert Jordan

The Mars Trilogy,

Classic pulp science-fiction by Edgar Rice Burroughs


Book 1 of the Redwall series, fantasy for young readers by Brian Jacques

Icewind Dale Trilogy

RPG-based epic fantasy by R. A. Salvatore

Lord Foul’s Bane

Book 1 of the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, an amazing dark epic fantasy by Stephen R. Donaldson

Modern Chinese Movies
Zu Warriors

a Pure xianxia story with relatively cheesy CGI

Crouching Tiger

Hidden Dragon, a classic wuxia story. This is the movie that got me interested in wuxia and Chinese culture in general


a Beautiful wuxia movie with Jet Li

House of Flying Daggers

a very artistic wuxia movie with Zhang Ziyi

Dragon (Wuxia),

a sort of crime/mystery wuxia with Donnie Yen. Has one of the coolest rooftop chases ever

Storm Riders,

a Cool wuxia story based on a manhua. Not bad CGI for the time it was made.

The Duel

a Blockbuster wuxia movie based on a classic novel by Gu Long. Very humorous and hip. Pretty good effects.

Bride with White Hair

a classic movie based on a classic novel. A dark romance with plenty of action

Dragon Inn

a remake of an even older wuxia classic. Amazing fight scenes

Flying Swords of the Dragon Gate

Another remake of the Dragon Inn movie, modernized and with more CGI. Cool fight sequences. I personally liked the first remake better, but this one is good too

Reign of Assassins

a very stylish, very cool wuxia thriller

The Four

Cool wuxia movie about a team of four constable / detectives

Tai Chi Master

a classic wuxia movie with Jet Li. As the name suggests, it eventually becomes about the invention of Tai Chi. Some incredible fight sequences.

Kung Fu Cult Master

No pun intended, but this is actually a bit of a cult classic, featuring a very young Jet Li. Based on a classic wuxia novel by Jin Yong

Bodyguards and Assassins

Which takes place in Hong Kong in the early 20th century. Gritty and very cool with a more modern wuxia setting than you usually see.

Ip Man

if you haven’t watched this… just watch it. Seriously.

The Forbidden Kingdom

a Hollywood production that is essentially a xianxia or xuanhuan movie. Best known for being the first onscreen fight between Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

Kung Fu Hustle

The ultimate wuxia/kung fu comedy movie. Tons of references and homages, great effects, great acting, great humor.

Shaolin Soccer

Another martial arts comedy by Stephen Chow, who did Kung Fu Hustle. A real classic.

Iron Monkey

a Period wuxia film with phenomenal action sequences

Legend of the Drunken Master

the best kung fu film ever made

Journey to the West:

Conquering the Demons, a dark comedy xianxia

Fist of Legend.

This might be a tie with Drunken Master for the best kung fu movie ever. Jet Li in a remake of the Bruce Lee film Fist of Fury


Jet Li’s final “martial arts epic”, a fictional recount of a real-life martial artist

Old School Chinese Movies
Heroes Shed No Tears

The movie version of the novel I translated. I personally like the novel a lot better, but the movie hits a lot of the main beats of the original story

Last Hurrah for Chivalry

a wuxia film by film legend John Woo. This is personally one of my favorite movies of all time! I’ve watched it many, many times.

Magic Blade

The movie version of the classic Gu Long novel Horizon, Bright Moon, Saber, which was translated by RWX and is available on Wuxiaworld.

Death Duel,

a Quasi-sequel to Magic Blad, and also based on a Gu Long novel.

36th Chamber of Shaolin

a Classic kung fu movie that’s all about the Shaolin Temple

Come drink with me

One of the most important wuxia films of all time. It set standards that would be followed, imitate, and even copied for years to come.

Heroes of the East

a Comedy kung fu that pits Japanese martial arts against Chinese