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 My main work is translating Chinese fantasy novels under the online pen name Deathblade.  you can see how many Chinese characters I’ve translated so far in my career: it’s a big number, and it’s always going up. I lived in China for eight years from 2010-2018, and have been studying Mandarin for even longer than that. Please take a look around my site for more details about my work, as well as other useful information.”

Sunan and Bao couldn’t have been born more different. He came from a fishing village in the far northeast. She hailed from a noble house in a huge metropolis. But they shared a common trait: they hated the Demon Emperor. Both of them experienced tragedy because of him, and both swore vows to end his life. But how could two youngsters with no skill or experience take on the most powerful entity in the world? The answer was simple…Read More

Deathblade’s Learning Chinese FAQ

I often see questions asking about learning Chinese. How hard is it? How long does it take? Where to start? Below are some of the questions I see most often, along with my answers. Please note that this is just my opinion, based on having studied Chinese for about 7 years or so.


  • How long will it take to learn?
  • Should I learn Mandarin or Cantonese?
  • Should I study Simplified or Traditional Chinese?
  • I don’t want to learn to speak Chinese, just read it. Is that possible?
  • How many characters do I need to know to be able to read Chinese web novels?
  • Where should I start in terms of learning the language?
  • Should I take classes?
  • Should I get a tutor?
  • What other resources/methods do you recommend?
  • Can you recommend any good wuxia novels?
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Latest Translation

Sage Monarch

Yang Qi is a skilled fighter, but also has the reputation of being a hedonistic silkpants. To impress a girl, he does something monumentally stupid, and ends up having his cultivation base crippled. Furthermore, his actions put his clan in danger of being exterminated. And to top it all off, he gets struck by lightning. However, as it turns out, being struck by lightning isn’t such a bad thing after all….

Sage Monarch is one of the most popular novels written by star author Divine Dreamwalker. It is listed as xuanhuan, but has both wuxia and xianxia themes. Although it has its fair share of genre tropes, it is unique in many aspects. It has a complex plot which stretches from the beginning of the novel all the way to the end, as well as an enormous cast of unique characters. 

While the novel is in the VIP preview section, it will have one new chapter per day. 

Final note: there are still a few legalities to finalize, so there is no definite ETA on when it will come out of VIP for an official launch.


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